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An iphone is showing the profile page on Jot, which includes bio, details, social, action items, notes and tags

A better way
to connect.

Pocket CRM

making a lasting impression.

5 years of JotPro™
for $124.99
only $25/year

Jot gives you an edge in...

Jot™ Contact Manager is a relationship building tool for busy emerging and established professionals. The app allows you to take your professional relationships beyond just "connecting."

Strengthen business relationships with ease so you can spend less time connecting the dots and more time connecting with each other.


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Management and Economics

Students’ Association

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Why use Jot™?

Multiple ways to share your profile


Share your profile using your customisable QR Code, web profile and unique JotID.


Pick up where you left off 


Add notes and action items on-the-go to facilitate meaningful conversations.

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A digital business card that captures leads with context


People can save your details and send theirs to you with useful info (how and why you met).


Stay in touch


In-app chat and built-in live update ensures you always have each other’s contact details.

Cut post-event grunt work + time spent recalling contacts

No need to scan cards, sift through notes, or scroll through a list to recall that name.

Save significant costs


Save $$$ on business cards and expensive lead capture tools that just give you a list of names.

Two people exchanging contact information by scanning ones personalized Jot contact card

8/10 physical business cards exchanged are discarded.
Go digital now!

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I like the QR code. I actually ran into someone… who I didn’t have their contact info and we literally did it in real-time; it was super easy, didn’t have to think about it. So you don’t have to after the fact think “who is this guy or who is this girl?”.

Lauren B.

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