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A better way
to connect.

Pocket CRM

Connect with contacts faster, track your interactions in real time, give your database context and so much more.


Jot™ Contact Manager is designed to help you build and maintain strong relationships with the people you need to know and stay connected with the people that matter most.

Why use Jot™?

Great lead gen tool


No more one-way contact exchange. Use QR code to capture leads at conferences, investor meetings and more.

Gives you context


Notes, action items, and tags allow you to segment your list and facilitate meaningful follow ups.



Allow people to save your details easily on virtual calls, in-person meetings, presentations or email signatures.


Stay in touch


All profile updates will be pushed automatically to all of your contacts on Jot.

Cuts admin time


No more scanning cards and sifting through notes.

Saves costs


No more printing physical cards and no need to reprint cards if you change your title or move office.


8/10 physical business cards exchanged are discarded.
Go digital now!


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I like the QR code. I actually ran into someone… who I didn’t have their contact info and we literally did it in real-time; it was super easy, didn’t have to think about it. So you don’t have to after the fact think “who is this guy or who is this girl?”.

Lauren B.

Are you part of a conference, business association or corporation? Let us show you Jot's enterprise capabilities.

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