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We're a team of passionate individuals from all walks of life, and we're here to help you build and maintain strong relationships with the people that matter most.

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Proven experience in marketing, stakeholder relations, data analysis & entrepreneurship

Nimble team focused on driving features based
on user engagement

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Women-led startup with a truly diverse team

Our Story

How did we start?

The founding team of Jot™ worked together at a marketing agency where our principal went to countless conferences, networking events and roadshows throughout the year on behalf of our clients. We managed multiple clients’ databases. Over 10 years, those databases grew and what we found that most of the contacts had little to no context. We didn’t know the source and most importantly, they were out of date. In order to update those databases, It would have meant paying for very expensive solutions or investing time we simply couldn’t afford. And we thought to ourselves, something had to be done. There should be an app that is designed to be used on-the-go and allows users to connect and exchange contact details more effectively. It should give them context about their relationships and interactions and has a built in-feature that pushes any contact updates to one and other. 


We searched far and wide for an app that eliminates post admin work after conferences, is easy to use, didn't cost an arm and a leg and gives us instant access to key information about our contacts.


Since there wasn’t a solution out there, we made one. In 2020, we founded Jot™ to fill the space.

Picture of CEO & Head of Product
CEO and Product Designer
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Leadership Team


Elina Chow

Founder + CEO

JotID: @elina


Gerardo Rodriguez

Head of Product

JotID: @gerardo


Christie Kwan

Product Designer


Nik Morado



Devon Wijesinghe

Senior Developer

Our team is small yet capable to deliver

Our Values

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Diversity & Inclusion
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It's all about the people

Our team is composed of diverse and talented individuals who are passionate about technology and innovation. We believe that happy employees are productive employees, and that's why we strive to create a work culture that fosters creativity, positivity, and fun.

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