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AYCE Course 2023

AYCE course 2023 is partnering with Jot™ Tech to help university
students propel their careers.


The AYCE is on!

Jot™ is tool designed to help you build deeper professional relationships and take them beyond just "connecting."
To help AYCE course students maximise the value of the connections they make at networking events. We are launching a contest and will be awarding the student with the highest number of QUALITY connections with a $100 Uber Eats gift card.

Point system for contest

Before you begin, tag yourself "AYCE Contest S23" to be included in the contest!​
  1. Add a contact on Jot - 2 points​
  2. Add a note for a contact (has a partner named _______, has a pet named ________, enjoys (insert hobby) - 5 points
  3. Add an action item for a contact (send presentation, etc) - 4 points
  4. Add a tag for a contact - 1 point
  5. Get non-Jot users to connect with you on Jot - 10 points
The person with the highest number of points by the end of day July 18th wins!

Good luck and happy connecting!

Differentiate yourself by completing your Jot™ profile

BEFORE you attend AYCE Course

1. Download the app

2. Set up your profile

  • To update your profile, tap the profile picture icon at the top of the dashboard, then My Profile. You can add a photo, a bio, your Calendly schedule and other social accounts and tags to help people identify you (ex. UTSC student, mgmt student, etc).

  • In case they don't have time, don't worry! You can still connect with everyone on the app at the event. Any updates made later will automatically be sent to everyone you are connected with on the app. 

  • For your reference, here is a sample profile from Jot™'s Founder, Elina Chow, who will be at registration to help you if you need any help. You can also add her on Jot™ (tap Add Contact on the dashboard and put "Elina" in the Search JotID field.)  

3. Customize your card

  • If you really want to kick things up a notch, add your own logo and brand colours to your digital profile. Tap My Card on the dashboard, then Customize at the top left. 

Need further assistance?

If you require additional assistance, please see Elina Chow, Founder of Jot Tech at the Registration Desk at the conference or add her using her JotID at "Elina" and send her a message. You can view a tutorial on adding a contact tutorial here.

Why use Jot™?

Keep notes, action items with the contact's profile​

Use tags to segment your lists

Save hours of admin time

Never lose touch again

Access info anytime, anywhere 

Use Jot's QR code to capture leads

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