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Customize My Card


​This is a JotPro™ feature. You will need to have a premium subscription to use this feature on the app. Go to Manage my Subscription to upgrade your account.

  1. From Dashboard, tap on your profile picture

  2. Tap Account Settings

  3. Tap Customize my card

  4. To change the logo, tap the dropdown menu beside Current Logo and select My own, then Done

  5. Upload your logo (Recommended size and file type: PNG or JPG, max. 10MB), then tap Upload

  6. Select your colours:

  • Primary colour: This is the background colour on your card

  • Secondary colour: This is the colour of the main action button

  • Accent colour: This is the colour your JotID will appear in

  • Main button text colour: This is the colour of the font that will appear with your secondary colour

7. Tap Save to complete your customization

To reset the card to the app's default colours/format, tap Reset to Default under the image

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