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Setting Up Your Profile

  1. From your dashboard, tap your profile picture.

  2. Tap My Profile under your photo

  3. Tap camera icon and add your photo. 

  4. Tap the edit icon on the top right of your profile screen

  5. Under DETAILS tab, Add a bio that sums you up in a nutshell (150 character limit)

  6. Add your title, company and contact details. You can change the labels of your phone number(s) and email address(es).

  7. Add tags to yourself to give people more context about what you do? Ex. Real Estate Agent. Investment Banker. Investor. 

  8. Tap SOCIAL tab or Next and link all of your social accounts. 

  9. Once you are happy with your profile, tap SAVE. You’ll need to confirm whether you are finish updating your profile and whether you want to send the update to your contacts.

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