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Sharing your Contact Details

You can share your contact details in a number of ways;

  1. Via ‘My Card’ - your unique QR code and digital business card

  2. Via your Unique Web Link

  3. Via your Own Contact

Via My Card

  1. From the dashboard tap ‘My Card’ 

  2. Both Jot users and non-Jot users can scan your QR code

  3. Jot users will be automatically connected with you in app, whilst non-Jot users will be taken to your Web Card where they can save your contact details and also send theirs back.

Via Web Link

  1. From the Dashboard tap ‘My Card’ 

  2. Tap ‘Copy Link

  3. This will be copied to your clipboard, where you can then send this via email, text, or even attached to your email signature amongst other things.


Via your Own Contact

  1. From the Dashboard, tap your profile picture

  2. Tap the share icon on the top right hand corner of your screen

  3. Tap either Jot user or Non-Jot user

  4. Select the categories of you’d like to share about yourself

  5. If sharing with a Jot user, enter the JotID you’d like to share the information with and tap Share

  6. If sharing with a non-Jot user, select ‘contact information’ and tap Share, this will open your OS dialogue where you can send via email, WhatsApp, text, etc.

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